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If you heard about the Diabetes Destroyed program by Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden, and you wonder if this natural diabetes treatment system can really help you or not, then you are more than welcome to take a look at our today’s review.

On this Diabetes Destroyed review we are going to share with you all the information which we think you should know about this program and to discuss with you the pros and cons of it, so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s start with some general details and firstly understand what Diabetes Destroyed is all about…

diabetes destroyed

What Exactly Is Diabetes Destroyed?


Created by Ricky Everett, a professional runner, and Joseph Borden, one of the lead researchers on the most comprehensive Acipimox study, Diabetes Destroyed (also known as the “Diabetes Destroyed Treatment Protocol”) can be best described as a scientifically backed up and easy-to-follow guide that reveals a natural way to increase insulin production, lower blood sugar levels and help you eliminate your diabetes symptoms in just around 28 days.

Joseph Borden explains that based on the research done by himself and his team, they found out that the real culprit behind Type II diabetes and insulin resistance is excess free fatty acids (FFAs), which are products of food digestion. They’re called “free” because they can roam in your bloodstream without requiring the help of other carriers.

The problem with having excess FFAs is that they tend to attack your liver and pancreas and invade your blood cells, which all lead to insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels. Although Acipimox, the drug studied by Joseph Borden and his team, could improve insulin production, it comes with a host of scary side effects.

In simple words, Acipimox is actually just a synthetic version of niacin. Through the help of Joseph’s research team, they were able to determine the right treatment plan that’ll allow niacin to be fully absorbed in the body and get delivered to your organs that are responsible for insulin production.

As a result, inside the Diabetes Destroyed program Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett focus on two main things:

1. A comprehensive list of natural foods, like meats, veggies, and fruits, which are rich in niacin.

2. Another list that shows different supplements, minerals, and foods that contain organic properties and help your body fully absorb and utilize niacin.

By combining the foods, minerals and vitamins shared inside the Diabetes Destroyed guide, Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett explain that you can reverse your insulin resistance and improve your insulin production. As a result, poisonous free fatty acids are destroyed and diabetes symptoms would completely go away in just about 28 days.

That’s a basic overview of what to expect from the Diabetes Destroyed Treatment Protocol. For more information about the research behind this natural system, about the main topics inside the guide and about the foods that Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett recommend, you can check the official website.

Now, let’s move on and talk about the various pros and cons of this program.

diabetes destroyed review

The Pros And Cons Of The Diabetes Destroyed System


The Pros


All-Natural Diabetes Cure

Admittedly, diabetes meds have their good sides. Still, they also have their frightening side effects, which may often outweigh their therapeutic effects.

With the Diabetes Destroyed guide, however, you won’t have to deal with nasty side effects. In this guide you’ll be given lists of vitamins, minerals, and niacin-rich foods that are important for restoring your insulin production and healing insulin resistance. Because everything is natural, there is no need to worry about the side effects that most diabetes meds usually have.

Facts Verified

Well, we went snooping again to find out if the facts presented by Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett in the official Diabetes Destroyed website are factual or just plain bogus. We checked online if the study conducted by Joseph Borden and his team titled “Overnight lowering of free fatty acids with Acipimox improves insulin resistance and glucose tolerance in diabetic and nondiabetic subjects” really exists.

The good news is that it does. You can check the following link of the study published in the website of the American Diabetes Association to learn more about it.

Targets The Root Cause Of The Problem

The root cause that’s been suggested by the authors is an overload of free fatty acids and the permanent cure is a treatment plan that mimics the effect of Acipimox, without the dangerous side effects.

Unlike most diabetes treatments today that only try to mask the real problem, in the Diabetes Destroyed treatment protocol the goal is to target the root cause, which means long-term results and not only a “quick fix”.

Not Only For Type II Diabetes

Whether you’re at risk or diagnosed with Type I diabetes or Type II diabetes, the Diabetes Destroyed guide is suited for you. It’s because the root cause of this chronic degenerative disease is the same – insufficient insulin production or insulin resistance.

In simple words, whichever’s the cause of your diabetes, the treatment plan shared in this guide can help you in some way.

Practically Costs Next To Nothing

In a research released by the American Diabetes Association, it was estimated that people who are diagnosed with diabetes acquire an average medical expense of roughly $13,700 yearly. This simply emphasizes the great financial burden that’s imposed on diagnosed diabetics, as well as on society.

Well, that’s another huge advantage of the Diabetes Destroyed system – the guide itself is available at a very reasonable price and all the foods recommended inside are also pretty cheap and easy to get.

Full Money Back Guarantee For Sixty Days

This means you can take the Diabetes Destroyed treatment protocol on a test drive for two months. If within sixty days your blood sugar is still high, or you’re not happy with it for any reason, you can send their support team an email and to get a no-hassle full refund.

This guarantee by Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden actually makes their Diabetes Destroyed system a risk-free solution.


The Cons


Dedication To The Treatment Program Is A Must

Like any other natural treatment program, the Diabetes Destroyed system won’t magically make your diabetes disappear, and its success depends highly on your willingness to make a daily effort to follow everything until results are achieved.

Varied Results

Obviously, the results of the Diabetes Destroyed treatment protocol may vary and while some will observe results as fast as two weeks, others may have to wait for 28 days or even more.

Available As A Digital Product Only

Diabetes Destroyed is a fully downloadable guide that comes in PDF format. Although we personally feel that’s a good thing because you can get immediate access to all the information and to save the shipping fees, others, perhaps like you, may like it better if there was a hard copy version available for purchase.

Ricky Joseph and Everett BordenThe Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that the Diabetes Destroyed program can be an effective solution for people diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes, or even those who just want to decrease their chances of developing this life-threatening degenerative disease.

We haven’t really found any scam alerts made against this program by Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden, and based on our research everything Ricky said added up real well, including the study that he said was able to identify free fatty acids as the main culprits of diabetes.

What we really like about the Diabetes Destroyed system is that everything Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden explain inside the guide is easy to understand and follow. In addition, the fact that their treatment protocol is based on all natural foods and minerals ensures that you won’t suffer from any nasty side effects while following the program…

With all that said, Diabetes Destroyed is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you’re looking for a “magic pill” cure for diabetes then the Diabetes Destroyed program may not be for you. You should understand that you must stick to this treatment protocol and to follow the exact directions by Ricky Everett and Joseph Borden if you really want to get the benefits this program has to offer.

In addition, please remember that while this program was designed to give results in 28 days, it may take longer in some cases. After all, everyone is different and the effectiveness of the Diabetes Destroyed program may depends on your specific condition, age and other factors.

On the other hand, from our research it seems that the methods Joseph Borden and Ricky Everett teach do work for some people, so if you’re tired of side-effect-filled anti-diabetic meds and you’re looking for a permanent and natural cure for your diabetes, then the Diabetes Destroyed treatment protocol is worth a consideration.

Well, that’s it for this Diabetes Destroyed review. We hope you have found this material useful in your decision making process and we sincerely wish you all the best.

Rita and Alex

P.S – We will also recommend you to check our review of the Diabetes Destroyer program if you are looking for a similar guide that gets better feedback from our blog visitors 🙂

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